Resources for Learning Javascript and React

Updated on: June 30, 2019

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Here are some of my favorite courses and videos for learning general Javascript and React.js. I recommend starting with a solid understanding of vanilla Javascript, learning some new ES6 features and techniques, and then finally moving onto React.js.

Note: Many of the courses mentioned are from and are frequently on sale. It seems like every 2 weeks or so, all Udemy courses are discounted to about $10 - $20, so I would recommend waiting a few days if you're not seeing a sale of some sort.

The Complete JavaScript Course

Source: Udemy
Instructor: Jonas Schmedtmann
Rating: 4.6 with 14,641 ratings
Students: 85,639

This is one of the best courses on Javascript fundamentals I've seen out there. It starts off with the basics, such as variable mutations and object properties, but quickly dives into how Javascript actually works behind the scenes. It helps demystify some of the most confusing topics in Javascript, such as the this keyword, scoping, and complex functions calls.

The advanced section breaks down inheritance and the prototype chain, and eventually goes over all the new ES6 features. At the end, Jonas does a direct comparison between ES5 function constructors and ES6 classes, which is a great setup for learning React components later on.

The Complete React Web Developer Course (with Redux)

Source: Udemy
Instructor: Andrew Mead
Rating: 4.8 with 4,450 ratings
Students: 18,122

This course is taught by Andrew Mead, who has become my favorite teacher on Udemy. This is the second edition of his complete React course, which has been updated to include React 16, React Router v4, and the latest standards of Redux. To begin with, you'll learn the basics of React along with some ES6 refactoring sprinkled in. Eventually, he covers the principles of Redux and guides you towards a full app deployment on Heroku.

Andrew incorporates mini code challenges in each of his videos, which is extremely helpful and forces you to code along. I've gone through many React.js tutorials and videos, and this is the best one in my opinion.

The Complete Node.js Developer Course

Source: Udemy
Instructor: Andrew Mead
Rating: 4.7 with 14,421 ratings
Students: 70,655

Another course from my man Andrew, this time it's on Node.js. If you're curious about modern back-end development, then this is the course for you. It covers fully developing, testing, and deploying a Node app, along with database integrations and API best practices. It also covers web sockets and new Javascript features such as Async/Await.

Recommendations from the Community

I asked the community what their favorite resources were, here are some of the responses:

JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Source: Udemy
Rating: 4.7 with 24,036 ratings
Students: 103,760

I've seen this course recommened by many people now, but I've never taken it myself. There is a free, 3 hour long preview of this course on YouTube if you want to check it out before buying.

Modern React with Redux

Source: Udemy
Instructor: Stephen Grider
Rating: 4.7 with 28,267 ratings
Students: 94,432

React - The Complete Guide

Source: Udemy
Instructor: Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Rating: 4.6 with 110,794 ratings
Students: 381,661

Free Resources


This YouTube channel is chock-full of great content and tutorials on everything development. The best part is that it's updated frequently and touches on the latest and greatest tools. I actually learned about Gatsby.js through this channel and built this website as a result.

Tyler McGinnis

Tyler is one of the great teachers on all things Javascript and React. He explains things extremely well and keeps his YouTube channel up to date with new tips and relevant topics. His videos on Javascript inheritance are a must watch!

Wes Bos

Another great YouTube channel with a lot of videos on vanilla Javascript and some CSS goodness. Wes and Scott from LevelUpTuts also co-host a podcast on web development called Syntax. Wes also partnered up with Mozilla Firefox to produce a completely free course on CSS Grid.

Traversy Media

Lots of great crash courses and online tutorials that covers a wide range of topics. Not only does it cover the hottest JavaScript frameworks, there's also content for PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, and much more. If you like Brad and his teaching style, he offers full courses

Source: YouTube

This is a great playlist which quickly goes over some of the weirdest parts of Javascript. It's not as in depth as The Complete Javascript Course, but it helps reinforce some of the most important concepts. The YouTube channel also has videos on Node, React, and Vue.js, but lately the updates have been slow.

Free Javascript Books

Learn JavaScript and React

Here are some of my favorite courses for learning JavaScript and React. I have personally purchased each of these and found them extremely helpful when I was learning JavaScript and React. Check out the resources page for more.