New to Next.js? Check out the Getting Started guide for a quick overview.

Here's also some great resources for learning JavaScript and React.js.

Next.js Ethereum Starter

My iteration of a full stack Ethereum boilerplate using Next.js, TypeScript, Hardhat, and Ethers.js. This was based off of the scaffold-eth project.

Next.js Blog

A Next.js website starter made with TypeScript, MDX, and Tailwind CSS. Also has a dark/light mode toggle. Perfect for your blog or personal site.

Next.js Dimension

A fully responsive, single page React.js website template. Built using Next.js and designed by HTML5 UP. Great for a quick profile or portfolio site.

Next.js Forty

A colorful website template featuring a landing page layout and many styled elements. Built using Next.js and designed by HTML5 UP.

Getting Started with Next.js

Next.js is a framework for server-rendered or statically-exported React.js apps. With these templates, we'll focus mainly on the static site features of Next.js. You'll need to have Node.js and npm installed on your machine.

Let's use the Next.js Dimension Starter:

# Clone the repository
git clone

cd nextjs-starter-dimension/

# Install npm packages
npm install

# Start up the next.js dev server, browse to http://localhost:3000/
npm run dev

Next.js can be used as a normal React framework with server side rendering and code splitting built in. It can also generate static websites if configured properly. We already have the static site configurations in place, you just need to build and export the site.

# Build and export the site, the static files are generated in the out/ folder
npm run export

Your static site will be created in a new folder called out. To learn more about Next.js, visit their official tutorial.

Learn JavaScript and React

Here are some of my favorite courses for learning JavaScript and React. I have personally purchased each of these and found them extremely helpful when I was learning JavaScript and React. Check out the resources page for more.